today is that day

Today is that day. The day that the cute little grandma in Target vaguely mentions when she says, “enjoy it while they’re young; the days are long but the years are short.”

What they so coyly forget to tell you is just how long that long day is. And how it’s miserable. And how it makes you question why you wanted this instead of a 9 to 5 in a high rise downtown with extra cash flow for spa days.

Today was with injuries (yes, including a baby chewing on broken glass and not one, but two boys with probable concussion causing head bumps), and the king of undone houses (no big deal that toilet water is covering the bathroom while everything from the cabinets is sitting on the floor soaking it in; and when you see mom discover it, of course it’s a good idea to quickly make your way to the kitchen to empty more cabinets), and bad attitudes (of the screaming, and ipod throwing and hitting your brother with an etch-a-sketch type).

It’s also the day that daddie is caught over two hours late at work, three weeks of cycling sicknesses (by the sounds of which 50 year old smokers live here) when another scratchy throat and sinus headache are creeping in, and despite having a passion to cook and a stocked pantry dinner just isn’t a possibility. So there are buttered noodles, bottles and ramen. And while eating Ramen fond memories of how simple (and quiet and un-poopy) the blessed college days were.

Today is that day. And at the end of it when all the patience and yelling and anger and tempers have been spent there isn’t much left but to say I love you and to rock you  before bed. Even though it’s the last thing I feel like doing it’s also the only thing I feel like doing because today was just that hard.



We’ve made a decision; a life altering decision. And we’re excited, really excited, to pursue it. We are moving to Austin, Texas!

For most of our marriage, eight years and counting, we have frequently discussed moving out of Minnesota. We have the desire to live somewhere warmer, and to enjoy the adventure of living somewhere new.

In our second year of marriage we moved to Tennessee for a school year while Josh was a resident director at a college. From there we transitioned back to Minnesota for what we thought would be less than a year. Josh was selected as a pilot for the US Air Force and we were in a waiting period before his actual entrance. We spent close to a year working odd jobs and living in temporary places. The crushing blow of his being disqualified left us spinning and rootless. We stayed in Minnesota mostly for a lack of not knowing what else to do.

Almost five years later, it’s time. We’ve had so many discussions but now it is time to start taking the steps. At least until we either drive out of the state or have it be abundantly clear that it’s not what we’re supposed to do.

Josh has been cleared by his current employer, August Ash, to continue as a full time employee and work from home. It will be a nice change to eliminate his 45 minute commute and for the boys to be able to see him more during the week.

Why Austin? Well, we’ve never been there, and to our knowledge we don’t know a single person that lives there. But, we do know it is in beautiful Texas hill country with a surprising amount of rivers/lakes in the area. It’s warm…melt your face hot at times…but the lowest it averages is about 40. As a family we love to spend time outdoors and have longed to live somewhere that we can do that comfortably most of the year.

The cost of living is lower than our current area and combined with eliminating a commute for Josh we are hoping to stretch our finances to pay off our debts more quickly. And possibly affording to travel more. We also think it will be important to live somewhere that the values are more inline with our personal ones. And while I don’t know for sure, but I suspect we will immensely enjoy the culture of Austin as a smaller city, live music and great foodie paradise.

We also hope to be able to put more resources toward Josh’s dream of his private pilots license and possibly a career in the field eventually.

I personally spent the majority of my growing up years living in southern states and am excited about getting back to the southern culture – friendly people, conservatives, big hair, fried okra, country music (don’t hate!), Biblical sensitivity, and sweet tea. In some ways it feels like home.

Also, I’ve always thought it would be really awesome to have a coke (because he doesn’t drink beer) with the G. W. Bush. In Austin I should be closer to our seven degrees of separation. I kid…mostly.

We’re currently planning to move this summer after the school year finishes for Shane. And I suppose we should start liking football…hook ’em horns!

Six Months

There were moments in the early days of Bryan and Erich’s life that I wasn’t sure if we would make it to the six month mark. And especially not as a healthy, bubbly, well rested group of people. But alas, here we are.

Bryan is our frat boy in training! He loves to move, dance, play and smile at anyone (or thing) anytime. He will sleep as long as possible and only wants to eat when there isn’t something more exciting to pay attention to. He is our giggler and loves to be thrown in the air! Bryan also likes to practice the (likely useless) life skill of sucking his tongue and making spitting sounds with his mouth. And some days it seems like he “talks” non-stop. (Not sure I can handle a second child like that…maybe he and Shane can talk to each other!)

Erich our nerd in training! We’re already nervous for his teen years – ha! He has perfected grabbing and taking hold of anything in his path with surprising accuracy. Oftentimes we will watch as he practices the same moves over and over while concentrating hard.  He is our cuddly child was and usually reaches out to hold onto Bryan when they are close together or to hold hands when they are nursing.

Both of them sleep about 11 hours a night and are generally happy babies! We still get a lot of comments when we’re out, with a (shocking) number of people that ask me if they are twins. It’s funny, they look similar, will be dressed similar and no sane person would be loading a grocery cart with two babies and a 4 year old for fun if they weren’t twins!

For more pictures click here.


Last Friday we had large thunderstorms roll through the area for the first half of the day. The boys and I were home eating a late breakfast with my sister who was over for a few hours. At one point the power flickered a few times and eventually completely went out. It came back on within minutes and I didn’t think about it again.

Fast forward to Sunday night, about 11:00 pm…Josh and I were finally heading to bed for the night. Like normal for workdays, Josh flipped his alarm clock button to the “alarm” setting and we went to sleep. At midnight the (always annoying) beep-beep-beep sounded…the alarm had reset for midnight when the power went out days earlier. Josh hit the snooze button and we both went back to sleep. He then did this for the next FIVE AND A HALF HOURS! I remember asking him twice why the the alarm kept going off and I remember him giving an annoyed sigh everytime it went off again, but neither of us woke up enough to actually figure out why the alarm was continually waking us up. Josh just remembers that each time it went off he thought to himself that he wasn’t quite ready to get up for the day yet. Well, duh, it was the middle of the night.

Finally at 5:30 am we both woke to the alarm again and laughed hard when we realized what was going on. And then we realized how tired we were from waking up every nine minutes.

To top it off, at 5:30 Josh reset the alarm to go off at the normal 6:45. When it went off then he actually hit snooze three more times before finally turning it off! Having to wake up with newborn twins was an easier night of sleep than that one.

Book Quickview – Life Without Limits

Nick Vujicic and his story about life without arms and legs is incredible and inspiring! He was born without any limbs, the medical condition phocamelia. His parents had no idea, despite two ultrasounds and knowing that he was a boy. Understandably his parents were utterly shocked and they all had to learn to live with a severe disability. Ultimately he has learned to do so many things you wouldn’t think he could – independently get ready for the day, swim, surf and travel as a renowned speaker.

His story takes you through his growing up years while relating lessons and principles he has learned from living (actively) with a disability. He does more than a lot of people with all their limbs! Each chapter is clear in it’s message that living is overcoming obstacles and pursuing God. He writes on a relational level and translates his extreme circumstances to usable lessons for any person. He speaks motivationally and with a self depreciating sense of humor.

The book is an easy read with lots of wisdom written in an easily applicable format.

This book is part of the Multnomah Books Blogging for Books program. I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this (honest) review.

Garage Sale

This Friday and Saturday we are participating in the annual Stillwater Township community garage sales!  The hours are 9:00 – 3:00 and we would love to see you.  Last year over 60 homes participated and you can pick up a map at the Township Hall.

We are selling items including:

– boy and girl clothing, blankets, toys
– baby swings, bathtub, car seat
– office supplies, file cabinets
– adult clothes sizes small, medium and large, shoes
– arm chair, sofa table, dining table
– duffle bags and suitcases
– lots of kitchen items and Pampered Chef items
– books
– tools
– candle holders, picture frames, decorations

Email me or leave a comment with questions!

So Tired

We have successfully (well, all our stuff is at least inside) moved into the home where Josh grew up in Stillwater.  The house sits on 2.5 acres and Shane has pretty much lived outside since we have gotten here.  It is fun to see him explore the outdoors with considerable freedom.  Yesterday I took a break from organizing the kitchen to see what he was up to; he had been driving his battery operated car but he hadn’t stopped by the kitchen window to chat in awhile.  This is what I found outside:

So tired, and so funny!  When I asked him why he didn’t just stop the car and come inside he said, “Well, I knew where I was going.”  Of course.