Here in central Texas school started today! We delivered a very excited five year old to start Kindergarten at our local elementary school. It was unemotional on all accounts…he checked on the pet iguana (which best not be a weekend take home pet) and settled into his seat without so much as a wave. Well, see you later, son.

A year ago was preschool:









Today, kindergarten:









Shane’s thoughts on the whole thing:

“I don’t think going to school will be like staying at home all day.” (no, because your mother doesn’t schedule 8 hours of activities for you)

“It’s weird to be awake when it’s darker outside. Usually I can just stay in bed until I want to get up.” (welcome to life, child)

“I’m pretty sure I’ll go to the gym everyday because I need to train to be an olympic-er.” (they may put you in the gym permanently, once they learn your energy level)

“I will miss you and the boys a little bit. But please clean up their messes before I get home so I don’t have to help.” (ha)