Installation was in full-force today.  They went from having one small hand-dug trench in the front yard to having the entire yard trenched up, and pipe/hoses laid in most of them.  The front yard is about 90% complete now with most of the trenches already filled back in with dirt.  The backyard has some of the pipe laid, and a few sprinkler heads connected.

They brought a ditch witch to dig most of the trenches.  If it were Minnesota, it would have been a piece of cake.  But, this is Texas, and the ground is different here.  I’m sure the guy is used to it by now, but holy smokes, it looked incredibly annoying to have to run that thing.  Rock after rock he was getting stuck on (and that thing is tough).

We are a little surprised at how torn up the yard looks, even after they completed most of the front. Either this is just totally normal, or these guys are perhaps a bit rough with the lawn…  Hopefully after it’s all done and a few waterings, it will look more back to normal.  Here are some pictures from today: