After we arrived in Texas and started to meet a few people, we quickly began to learn that we had a lot in store for us in terms of keeping our lawn green this summer. Our yard, unlike most other’s yards, does not have a sprinkler system installed, so all watering is done manually.  Needless to say, it’s a lot of work to run the hose in the front, then the back, constantly adjusting the sprinkler, and manually watering the areas with a spray nozzle in the places where a sprinkler doesn’t make sense.

Fortunately, we were able to get the landlords to agree to install a sprinkler system!  I was able to be around when the first guy came to take a look at the yard and give an estimate.  I asked about a rain gauge that would know to turn off the system if we had received recent rainfall.  He said they were mandatory now, and the landlord looked at him surprised and said, “but, we NEVER get any rain here…”

Perhaps it’s a crazy fluke, but for the last week, it has rained all but one day, and a few of those days it has dumped, big time.  Even if the rain gauge was not mandatory, I feel like the extra $70 it costs to install it would be well worth it.  Water is expensive here! We definitely would have saved a good amount of change already if the system was installed.

So, here are some pictures of the recent rain we’ve received.  You will clearly be able to see how spraying extra water with a sprinkler system would NOT be worth it this week.

Disclaimer: We are definitely aware that the yard looks pretty bad.  There had been nobody to take care of the lawn (and no sprinkler system) for a few months before we moved in, so much of it died, and weeds took over in places.  It will be a long work-in-progress!