It’s been a year, boys. Happy sweet first birthday!

Bryan, you are a steady delight. I see much of my personality in yours (finally, someone in the family has it!). You are very independent and can play for a long time entertaining yourself. You warm up to people more slowly but once you do, you’re all in. You like to stay up late seemingly not wanting to miss anything. And you know what you want and try to get it…which is manifesting itself in regularly taking toys from your brother. Your current favorite defense is to hit your brother repeatedly on the head. Your favorite comfort is sucking your middle two fingers on your right hand and because of that, when we snuggle you’re always on my right side.

Erich, you are my sweet and spicy love. Ninety percent of the time you are sweet, so sweet. You love to cuddle, be close to anyone in the room, and smile often. You will play contentedly if others are nearby but you often check in with them for a few moments to lay your head on them and then go back to playing. But when something isn’t going your way, the world knows it. You have a high pitched scream and a back arch that makes people question their sanity (or maybe that’s just your mother, everyone else can send you home). Currently your best defense is biting your brother. In many ways you are a personality twin to your oldest brother, and I already fear your third and fourth years, or at least my parenting of them. Your favorite comfort is your thumb on your left hand and when we snuggle you’re always on my left side.

Together, the two of you make a delightful (and dangerous) pair. We regularly enjoy your smiles and giggles and watching you explore your world. And we are excited for you to learn all that is ahead of you in year two.