There were moments in the early days of Bryan and Erich’s life that I wasn’t sure if we would make it to the six month mark. And especially not as a healthy, bubbly, well rested group of people. But alas, here we are.

Bryan is our frat boy in training! He loves to move, dance, play and smile at anyone (or thing) anytime. He will sleep as long as possible and only wants to eat when there isn’t something more exciting to pay attention to. He is our giggler and loves to be thrown in the air! Bryan also likes to practice the (likely useless) life skill of sucking his tongue and making spitting sounds with his mouth. And some days it seems like he “talks” non-stop. (Not sure I can handle a second child like that…maybe he and Shane can talk to each other!)

Erich our nerd in training! We’re already nervous for his teen years – ha! He has perfected grabbing and taking hold of anything in his path with surprising accuracy. Oftentimes we will watch as he practices the same moves over and over while concentrating hard.  He is our cuddly child was and usually reaches out to hold onto Bryan when they are close together or to hold hands when they are nursing.

Both of them sleep about 11 hours a night and are generally happy babies! We still get a lot of comments when we’re out, with a (shocking) number of people that ask me if they are twins. It’s funny, they look similar, will be dressed similar and no sane person would be loading a grocery cart with two babies and a 4 year old for fun if they weren’t twins!

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