Last Friday we had large thunderstorms roll through the area for the first half of the day. The boys and I were home eating a late breakfast with my sister who was over for a few hours. At one point the power flickered a few times and eventually completely went out. It came back on within minutes and I didn’t think about it again.

Fast forward to Sunday night, about 11:00 pm…Josh and I were finally heading to bed for the night. Like normal for workdays, Josh flipped his alarm clock button to the “alarm” setting and we went to sleep. At midnight the (always annoying) beep-beep-beep sounded…the alarm had reset for midnight when the power went out days earlier. Josh hit the snooze button and we both went back to sleep. He then did this for the next FIVE AND A HALF HOURS! I remember asking him twice why the the alarm kept going off and I remember him giving an annoyed sigh everytime it went off again, but neither of us woke up enough to actually figure out why the alarm was continually waking us up. Josh just remembers that each time it went off he thought to himself that he wasn’t quite ready to get up for the day yet. Well, duh, it was the middle of the night.

Finally at 5:30 am we both woke to the alarm again and laughed hard when we realized what was going on. And then we realized how tired we were from waking up every nine minutes.

To top it off, at 5:30 Josh reset the alarm to go off at the normal 6:45. When it went off then he actually hit snooze three more times before finally turning it off! Having to wake up with newborn twins was an easier night of sleep than that one.