I recently finished my second selection from the Blogging for Books program. This one seemed to take me forever as I was only about half way done pre-babies arrival.

Divine Appointments is a meandering story surrounding a career focused woman, Josie, and a few of the people she encounters at a company she is consulting for. Josie is involved in the restructuring of the company including layoffs of several people. The story also follows a few of those laid off and how they intertwine together along with Josie. It is set in Chicago (!) and has a solid midwestern tone to it. The story is relevant to issues many are facing today with companies downsizing and saving money. It also focuses a lot on encouragement and building relationships by encouraging others. The characters do this via one-on-one relationships and group meetings.

The story was good and a light easy read. It was somewhat challenging to immerse myself in it, as with a lot of “Christian” fiction. At times the story seemed to lack a compelling reason to keep reading and I’d have to remind myself to read instead of picking it up because I was thinking about it. I think this is due to the characters being “Christians” but there is no exploration of deeper issues…just a narrative about their lives. There is also a magic snowglobe in the story that didn’t completely make sense to me. I never was able to figure out if it was an actual thing in the character’s life or just symbolic.

Overall it was a pleasant read and a good challenge for me to read a genre I don’t normally choose.

This book is part of the Multnomah Books Blogging for Books program. I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this (honest) review.