As Shane has taken to referring to the twins, “the babes” are growing and healthy! I have been going in for weekly biophysical ultrasounds and non-stress test appointments. They are long (2-3 hours), but it’s fun to see the babies and to have some uninterrupted time to sit and read!

The babies are each doing well! At the last growth measurements they were about 5 pounds each. That was three weeks ago and I have another set of shirts that no longer fit. So, I assume they are bigger now or I’m eating too much cake! They will be measured next week again so we’ll have new numbers. Otherwise, each week they are scoring an 8 of 8 for the biophysical tests (practice breathing, pockets of fluid, heart rate, etc.)

Personally, I am doing well. Thankfully my blood pressure is still excellent and I have no other issues causing me to go on bedrest or restricted activity. We’re still scheduled for a January 31st c-section and as a family are working to prepare for that date.

Here are two new pictures…I know ultrasounds can be hard to see sometimes, but hopefully you can see their profiles.  Enjoy!