This year I made it a goal to obtain as many “free” Christmas photo cards as I could. We had decided to try to save a little money and post our newsletter online and send out just a photo card. Here is the breakdown of what I found and used:


Shutterfly gave away 50 free photo cards to bloggers that posted a blog post about using their website for photo products. If you read many blogs, I’m sure you saw an influx of blog posts about them! I have used Shutterfly for a few years now, and am always impressed by the ease of using their website, good customer service and fast turnaround time. Our cards turned out great too!

Kodak Gallery

A blog I read, Money Saving Mom, posted this deal on her website for Kodak Gallery. For just over $2 shipping you received ten free cards of your choice. I had never used their site before but I found it easy to use and the cards came very quickly. They also had a great selection of modern cards.


In one of the coupon mailers that came in our mail there was a coupon for 20 free cards from Vistaprint. I have known several people that use them for business products, though I personally had never been on their website. Of all the sites I used, I found theirs to be the worst. They continually try to get you to add additional products to your order and they send lots of propaganda emails. I think I’ve finally unsubscribed to it all! My other issue was with their shipping options. For 20 cards shipped via USPS it would take up to two weeks and cost over $9.00. That seems ridiculous! I could have received them faster, but the shipping costs jumped up to over $15 and the timing wasn’t much better. Their card selection was nice, but the website took me the longest, felt cluttered and I don’t enjoy a constant barrage of up selling. I am not likely to use them again.

See Here

See Here was another new-to-me website. They offered (and still are) 25 free cards to people that sign up for a new account. Their site was easy to use though I didn’t think their selection of card designs was very refined or unique. This set of cards also took the longest to come (even longer than vistaprint).

Sam’s Club

Finally, after all of the above I was about 25 cards short for our Christmas card list. I decided to use Sam’s Club because of their quick turnaround time (about an hour), low price ($10.50 for 30 cards), and ease of picking them up. And for being Sam’s Club, their design selections aren’t too bad, though they don’t have as many as the other sites.

I feel like it was a successful venture in saving money! It did take more time for designing and using multiple websites. But, I didn’t spend time searching for the deals and just waited until I saw them in blogs I read or other daily life. The cards came out to be $0.29 each, about $38 total. In hindsight I wish I wouldn’t have used Vistaprint and instead ordered additional ones from Sam’s Club. We hope you enjoy the card you receive!