Thanksgiving is over and it’s officially the Christmas season!  One of my favorite things about the next month is hearing from friends and family via Christmas cards (hint, hint).  It’s fun to see what they choose to send out to update us on their life…pictures, cards, letters, etc.  Every year I put way too much thought into what we’re going to send out…I blame it on my graphic design side.  This year it’s all about simplicity as we prepare for other “things.”

I have used Shutterfly for a few years now for many of our picture printing needs.  I love that their website is always easy to use and easy to understand!  The quality of the photos we receive from Shutterfly is excellent and the order always comes very quickly.

They have a great selection of Holiday Cards – so many that it’s hard to commit to just one.  The cards range from generic holiday themes to religious inspiration. Searching for a card – if you have a specific color, size or style in mind – is super easy with the categories on the left navigator bar.  And though I’ve never used it, they even offer to stamp and mail each card for you.  How convenient!

And if you want to send me a large coffee mug with your picture on it (dad) you can order specialized items too!

Bargain Note: many of the holiday cards are currently discounted along with free shipping for orders over $50!