Last week our family spent two days in San Antonio seeing the sights. We enjoyed the Alamo and Riverwalk one afternoon and evening. As we were leaving to head to the car we decided to stop one more time and take a few nighttime pictures of the Alamo and the Christmas lights. There was a couple standing in front of the Alamo/extra large Christmas tree that asked us if we would take a picture for them. Of course we said yes and then took a few for them.

The guy then asked us if we would walk across the park to a lit gazebo. It was the type of request that is just odd enough to make you wonder what was really going on. We obliged.

As soon as they stepped up into the gazebo the man dropped to one knee and pulled a ring box out. His girlfriend was totally surprised! Josh kept snapping pictures with their camera and mom had hers out and was taking pictures. It was a sweet way to document the engagement but without an elaborate plan! It was fun to unexpectedly be a part of their engagement! And they couldn’t have found more excited people to help them out with all our hooping and hollering afterwards!