Our last two weeks:

After taking Josh’s car to the mechanic for a brake line leak, we learned that the entire brake system was corroded and it would be over $1,000 to fix. We all shared the opinion that his car was no longer worth repairing. 

We shopped for a few days and found a great ’99 Jetta TDI on craigslist. It’s a car Josh has always wanted to drive and it was within our budget to pay cash for it!

In the midst of car shopping and juggling our schedules with one vehicle, we put our house on the market. Our first showing was that very evening and we proceeded to have 15 more showings in eight days. If you’re ever bored and in need of a challenge, try to maintain a staged and clean home while living with a two-year-old. It’s a whole new ball game.

Thankfully we received an offer on Tuesday of this week! I could give the buyer a huge hug out of thankfulness for not having to maintain that showing schedule another week! We accepted the offer and are currently moving ahead with the bank to figure out the details.

We hope to move closer to Josh’s work and we’re currently looking at the Highland Park area of St. Paul. If any of you locals have a lead on a place to rent, let us know!

In the meantime, my car developed a brake line leak and shortly after the brakes stopped working all together. It’s currently at the mechanic and we’re awaiting the next blow to our checking account. 

So, today I’m sitting in a house that might get dirty because it says online that we’re not available for showings and I’ll pray that the bank has favor on us. And I may cook again, for the first time in a few weeks! Or I may not because we have Josh’s company picnic tonight, to which I’ll be rolling up in style in the hooptie loaner car (which even Shane keeps commenting about the “big car”).