Josh and I tend to be very brand loyal people. We find something we love; we recommend it to everyone. For various reasons we highly endorse, if you will, a variety of brands for a variety of reasons – Penske (unmatched customer service, Josh actually got a worker a reward and a plaque once because of his customer comments), Apple (no reason needed), badger hair brush shaving for men, Trader Joe’s Ketchup, our bank USAA, Blue Sky Creamery and a couple of things I shouldn’t mention on a blog that my mom reads. 

I think we finally found our sheets! These were actually a recommendation from a couple of blogs I read and I was a little skeptical about how they could be that much better. They totally are! The sheets are unbelievably soft and comfortable to sleep on and they come in an array of fun colors.

If you’re in need of new sheets you should seriously consider these. You’re welcome to stop by our house to take a nap and test drive them first, if needed.