Shane partook in two new-to-him activities yesterday.

The first was catapulting climbing out of his crib one and a half times. The first time was right after we had set him in the crib, closed the door and walked into the next room. He didn’t seem to enjoy the result of falling out head first. The second time I was able to catch him on the descent. I added “shopping for bed” to my to-do list for the day.

The second was stripping. This is how he looked when he went to bed for the night:

Shane ready for bed


This is what I saw at 11:00 before I went to bed.  And, yes, the blanket was placed like that on it’s own and he was sleeping on the pajamas.

Shane Sleeping


I was able to stealithly redress him without waking him up (because it’s been in the 40’s here at night).  This is how he greeted us this morning:

Shane in AM


Maybe I can find a new bed that has attached pajamas.