The official word from the Air Force is: no.  

We are disappointed, but it was 50% expected so we’re thankfully not dealing with the crushing blow that it was last time around. We both were very much excited about the idea and the prospect of a new adventure. Especially moving and traveling.  And Josh is sad to not have the opportunity to fly along with being able to serve the country in that way. 

Life will be changing soon though. For reasons that are separate from the AF decision and still not fully known or understood by us, Josh has been asked to leave his current job. His boss will soon be choosing a termination date, so the job search has started. Josh is fairly certain that he would like to stay in the web programming field for the time being and is looking into opportunities in that area. We are still open to re-locating too, but it’s looking like we’ll stick around the Twin Cities awhile longer.

Thanks for your prayers and conversations leading up to this time. I trust that God has something bigger and better planned. And hopefully more fun for Josh than flying a fighter jet.