…I’m in the dark ages. And you thought it was going to be Air Force news, didn’t you? Nope, just me, stranded sitting at home with no AF news and Shane asking for “moh hot tea.”

Our technology has left us this week. We aren’t using our cell phones due to the family plan being maxed out from family situations this month. The month resets in mid-April. We did add a home phone line, but they can’t come until next Tuesday. Too busy with other people’s technology, I guess.

And now, my car sits in the driveway waiting on the expensive convenient tow truck to come and take it away. From the phone diagnoses with Josh and the car mechanic it sounds like a parking break piece is busted. I can only drive it if I go backwards. Not particularly helpful.

So, we sit. Fittingly, we’re watching the movie Cars. I guess I’ll use my unexpected day off to bake some bread, hand wash some laundry and maybe pluck the chickens so we have dinner. Saddest of all, I lost my excuses for not cleaning the bathtub.