It’s been 69 days since I last posted.  Here’s a synopsis of that time:

– I’ve consulted 12 PC shows

– We all had the flu, Josh and I were sick at the same time for over two weeks

– We started and finished 24 – Season Two

– Shane & I had two airplane rides & three states in 7 days – NJ, PA, NY

– We’ve had three family anniversaries and one birthday

– Josh and I partook in our first ever all-you-can-eat sushi bar

– One family funeral

– We attended the Annual Lefse Party and 16 other social engagements

– We snowboarded for two days

– I’ve attended approximately 22 hours of PC training

– Shane has sprouted a few new teeth, and grown an inch or two

– I lead a dogsled team for the first time ever

– Josh submitted his completed AF application

– I’ve forgotten to update the blog 69 times