That’s what’s happening in our house!  I FINALLY (!!!) was able to purchase a fondue pot! I have desired to have one for a long time and have spent a lot of time researching and deciding on one along with the money saved to purchase it. I was so excited to make a good fondue tonight…two actually – one cheese and one meat. 


All was going well until the cheese one never thickened. Imagine dipping bread, apples and celery into white wine/blue cheese permeated thin soup. When we’d finally had enough we attempted the meat. Josh and I sat at the table an additional 30 minutes, at least, waiting for the pot to just boil. I ate one one-inch cubed piece of chicken, Josh ate two. We had long released Shane of sitting through it with us and he was happily watching Joseph and Moses on the DVD.  


We gave up and decided to eat cereal. Which after we sat down with boxes and bowls of milk, we simultaneously agreed neither of us had an appetite. We’ll be having stir fry tomorrow night with the leftover chicken and veggies.


I am now embarking on an “improve my fondue” quest. If we invite you over for it soon, feel free to ask if it’s improved first. Hopefully I’ll improve it a lot quicker than I am improving my terrible homemade pizza.


Now we have a disaster of a kitchen and a child with a 103 + temp.  Not sure what Shane’s body is up to, but the nurse thinks it’s viral. He was fairly mopey today until the tylenol kicked in.  On a good note, the fever seems to have improved his vocabulary. Today alone he said for the first times, “nigh nigh” instead of “bye bye” at bedtime, “cook” and “bye bye daddie”.