This morning Josh is planning to have his back x-rayed; the third time in relation to his original military disqualifying x-ray.  He is visiting the same clinic that has done the previous two tests – one disqualifying him and one saying he was well within the clear zone. Today’s test will hopefully be the clear answer to the previous two. It feels like it has been a long journey to this point. 

After the x-ray he is meeting with his recruiter and, assuming the results are good, they will then submit the new x-ray with past and new information to the doctors at the MEPS Center (military entrance center). We have asked that if it is God’s will Josh would be given a pilot slot without having to completely re-apply. It seems impossible to us.

If you haven’t followed our story the past few years with the military, here is a brief synopsis…

Josh applied and was accepted into the Air Force as a pilot in the Spring of 2006. At the time there was about a year delay before an accepted person would actually be sworn in and receive a class date for Officer Training School. We left our job in Tennessee and moved back to MN to wait at Bethlehem and among family and friends. On Josh’s scheduled date to swear in we went, excited with camera and all, to sit at the MEPS center most of the day only to find out that he was disqualified for a curve in his back – 1 degree over the cutoff limit. One that proved later on to be a faulty test. We fought it and were not able to make any headway with anyone realizing the test was incorrect and eventually we gave up.

Recently it has been on our hearts and minds to pursue the AF option again. The first time was crushing, so it’s scary to think about taking that path again. We’ve been slow in the decision making this time around and are in a very different stage of life – being parents, in a job Josh loves, at a home church.

Pray with us and for us.