Yesterday’s BBQ was a success! We enjoyed our time seeing friends, some we don’t see often. And it’s always interesting to see different areas of your life come together. Ours typically fall into two categories…college and church. Some overlap, most don’t. But they are all nice to each other at least!

A few things I learned…

I love to cook, especially for entertaining purposes, but planning a party when my responsibilities are only giving hot dogs to Josh to grill, purchasing drinks and cleaning my toilets, it was a lot less stressful! It’s no wonder so many people do potlucks or catering most of the time.

When you plan a party to be on your yard, namely the kitchen, is a lot less messy! I’ve always thought the whole “clean for guests, clean after guests” thing gets a little redundant. It was much easier to just hose down the garage.

Not everyone eats two hot dogs. We may have to have another BBQ in September to finish up the stash.

And finally, in my ever increasing desire to calculate food quantity preparations better, “maybes” and “non RSVP’ers” are almost always a “no.”