We’re currently sitting in a house in Robbinsdale, Minnesota this week. Josh’s boss, Paul, and family are on vacation in Montana for the week and asked if we would pet/house sit while they are gone. It’s great to be on the “other side” of the cities for a few days, so much closer! In fact, Josh is going to bike to work all week and can work normal hours too since he doesn’t need to avoid traffic.

Sadly, I forgot the camera-transfer-pictures-to-the-computer cord – don’t know what that is really called. Shane is sleeping in Jack’s crib while we’re staying here. It was his first experience with crib bumpers (the pads that go around the crib sides to keep them from getting limbs stuck). He doesn’t have them on his crib at home. Last night when I checked on him before we went to bed he had un-velcroed (sp?) one of the side panels, took it off and was holding it as he slept. Will post the pictures when I get my cord!