Today was busy! I worked on lots of “paperwork” stuff including the PC show I had yesterday afternoon! Which went great – $500, a few people interested in consulting and 1 booking! 

Tomorrow is another busy day with grocery shopping, a bridal meeting at noon, dessert making for small group, small group itself, and packing. We leave on Wednesday for Ruttgers! Creative Arc (Josh’s place of employment) is taking the whole company (5 people/families) on a 3 day retreat! I’m really excited to relax and to spend time with Noel (Josh’s boss’ wife) and their young son. 

Shane is doing well with the busyness. He’s walking around all over and LOVES to be outside! We went on a walk to Festival and to the new cafe near our house after dinner to use a coupon for ice cream. And then we took the long way home. It was a nice little date and the weather has been gorgeous!