Our movie rental business of choice is the ever popular Red Box. We have one within walking distance from our house and it’s easy to justify $1.07 every so often to watch a flick.

Last week I offered to go pick our movie up. I waited behind two people…the first was with a child who was “picking” his movie of choice. Children are not particularly fast decision makers when presented with 100 options on a computer screen. When they finally finished the lady in front of me moved up to the kiosk. She then preceded to call someone on her cell phone and name off each movie available for renting. We’re not talking just a quick list of movies, we’re talking a discussion about who was in it, how good people have said it was, what they were “in the mood” for, etc., etc. Mind you, I was not the only waiting customer, I had a line behind me. And from the sound of the conversation she wasn’t working with the most decisive person ever.

I understand that some people do not have internet access and are not able to pre-rent or pre-browse online like we do. Really, that genius marketing tool couldn’t make renting a movie much easier or quicker in the Red Box line. But, there should be some sort of pre-decision process.

I’m generally a fairly patient person with people in public situations. I try to understand that they may not be able to move as fast or manage the task at hand well. Why rush, life is too short to ignore even moments like that. However, I have to admit I was frustrated that night and felt like I was wasting my family time listening to her discussion.