Genre – Memoir

Author – Kate Young Caley

Length – 158 Pages

Should You Read It Scale5, if you like this genre, it is a well written book.  It is interesting from a Christian perspective, however, not riveting.

Overview – In the author’s own words to her daughter…”I told her about how my father was often ill when I was growing up, something she didn’t know….My father had to be put in the hospital for a long time.  I explained that we didn’t have enough money and so my mother had to get a job as a waitress.  People at our church said it broke the rules for my mother to serve people [alcohol] drinks before their dinner.”  

Her mother only served drinks, she did not drink them.  The church held a vote to remove them from the church body for not “obeying” the rules. The rules state that you cannot consume alcohol. They were removed.

This book is her record of that journey as a little girl and how the rejection from their church affected the rest of her life and her walk with God.

Writing Style – The book is written in “artsy” memoir style.  The chapters jump around her life and are not chronological, but tend to be arranged so that a story of something happening in her childhood is shown in the following chapter of how it affected her adulthood.

What I Learned – Some churches, including the leaders, are made up of unforgiving, ungracious, un-compassionate people.  It made me wonder if they were Christians. Their decisions can have lasting effects on lives. But God is greater than their decisions. It is a neat testimony to see that personal bitterness died to God’s love in the author’s own life.

Relevance to Today – Sadly, this story has much more relevance to MN today than it should.  Read here.

How I Happened Upon It –This book was a Christmas gift from my parents last year.