Thanking God, we are all safe and have only minor hail damage to our home and car (my parents, they are visiting). Many, many homes around us are completely demolished and many more are severely damaged.

The first tornado came around 5:00. We’d been outside “storm cloud watching” for about 30 minutes.  All of a sudden the wind was ridiculous, siding was coming off of patios and homes.  We ran inside.

Once it passed we could see & hear many police, ambulance and fire trucks filtering into the area. Josh, Dad and I decided to go see what was going on. We drove about a mile from our house (Northeast) and started seeing severe damage.  Further back about a block houses (large 2 & 3 story new homes, lived in) were nothing but piles of everything that makes up a house.  A few policemen/women were running from house to house, yelling to find out who needed medical help.  We paused to talk to a man standing on his porch and he alerted us to another tornado that was already being tracked through the town next to ours. We could see the wall cloud.

We went home. Not more than a few minutes later it was terrible outside. Huge hail, winds and debris flying around.  We were inside this time.

We did tour the area after the second tornado and were able to see much more than previously, before the police blocked most of the streets off.  The damage is devastating.  A main street through the neighborhood to the East of us has virtually no homes left.  It’s a street I used to regularly walk/bike/run on.  

We’re thankful that we are dry, warm and have electricity.  Thankfully we’ve remained safe.  It’s hard to understand the magnitude of how some are hurting tonight.  Asia is suddenly in my front yard.

Josh is posting on his blog too.  I will get more pictures up as I sort through them. Here are a few.


Damaged Homes, Cop on Right


Hail during 2nd tornado, mom and dad’s Volvo


Top of house resting on flat ground, bottom was demolished


House, the pink X on the car marks the authorities have already searched for survivors


Another house, the garage and what used to be behind it


Tractor-trailer and van tipped into a front yard