I have been reading the book of Job from the Bible the past two weeks or so. As I’ve followed the news stories of cyclones and earthquakes that are devastating parts of Asia, it’s become easier to compare what (I assume) people experiencing these tragedies are going through and how strikingly similar it is to what Job experienced. He lost his oxen and donkeys and servants through attack; his sheep and more servants burned to death in a fire; his camels and servants were killed by the sword; all his sons and daughters were killed by “a great wind;” and finally his own body was struck with “loathsome sores from the sole of his foot to the crown of his head.” He lost everything but his foolish wife, three unhelpful friends, and his faith in God. His story makes it that much more difficult to understand the sovereignty (and fairness) of God in all things.

Families in Myanmar and central China are suffering enormous tragedies that few of us in the US will ever know – compounded with national government and extreme poverty issues we can’t fathom. It’s hard to pray for them – what do I pray for them? As I read the news stories, I try, but my prays seem so futile compared to the largeness of their needs. I can only hope more fervently that God uses these events to open their countries, their beliefs and their souls to a saving faith in Him. It’s hard to understand the sovereignty of God but I can’t think of a more amazing thing than for a Godly beginning to come from such a tragic ending.

The picture above struck me – that’s someone’s little Shane.  It’s world events and pictures like these I wish for a brief moment I was free to get on a plane with World Relief and go to the suffering.  To be able to do more than pray.

Photo from MSNBC Picture Stories.