I was able to purchase this little $19.99 wonder tool about a month ago.  I had long wanted a “dust buster” and was gifted a Target Card that allowed me to make this purchase.  And a good one it was!  Not only does it vacuum dry crumbs, dust and critters, it sucks up wet spills too!


  • Vacuum my son’s lap after he (and the entire surrounding area) enjoys crackers
  • Catch the devil ants that appear anytime we serve breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • Hang an extra bib on the handle when it’s charging in the closet
  • Clean the fruit and vegetable refrigerator draws in no time by sucking up the little fruit hairs that fall off of the kiwi – no more wetting, wiping, rinsing, repeating
  • Quick clean the bathroom floors when guests are coming over