Shane’s 1 year well baby appointment was this morning.  Here are the stats:

Height: 30″ = 50%

Weight: 20lbs 6oz = 25%

Head Circumference: 17 3/4″ = 10%

Immunizations: Hep B, Hep A, Prevnar

He is a little guy, but growing steadily.  I wasn’t sure if the doc would be worried about his little weight gain (he was 19 lbs at his 9 month check-up), but she said that he’s steadily following the curve he’s been on since about 6 months ago.  She informed me that around age 6 months the genetics kick in for the weight to height ratio.  Looks like he may be tall and thin like Josh!

Shane did not particularly enjoy the shots.  This is the first time he really paid attention to what was going on and he was pretty upset that some lady would hold him down and stick him with sharp objects.  No side effects so far, and I even drug him to Starbucks after to spend time with a friend and then to Trader Joe’s for groceries.  He is a trooper!

He is also no longer restricted from eating any foods!  This opens up several new foods to eat, which I am probably more excited about than he is.  We’ll also be weaning him from [uber expensive] formula to [moderately expensive] whole organic milk. So far he doesn’t seem to think it tastes very good.  If only he knew just how good a warm brownie and a cold glass of milk are together.