As a wife, mother, and owner of two small businesses my days seem to be run by “to-do” lists.  I even use a program called “Things” to help me keep it all straight.  I often feel like my day was unsuccessful when at the end of it I’m left with unchecked boxes.

Here’s a nugget of truth I learned this week:

“God is focused not on the “success” of my day but on the godliness of my character.”  Paul David Trip, War of Words

I can have a day that I get my entire list completed, but still may have completely failed because of my lack of pursuit of God in it all.  I’m learning to realize that they are JUST “things” and I need to let them go.

Why not take the extra time to play with Shane instead of needing to get the house in perfect order.  Why not use the quiet stillness of nap time (Shane’s, not mine) to reflect and study and read instead of furthering my businesses.  Why not put “learn how to be Godly” on my to-do list and then do it?